Achievement Award

Prior to the Association’s Annual General Meeting the general committee considers if members of the Association, the Football Club or a member of a support group has provided outstanding service during the year.

The achievement award criteria is as follow:

  1. Outstanding Service to the HFCPP&OA as a Committee Member or as a member of a support group.
  2. Outstanding Service to the Hawthorn Football Club as a PLAYER, OFFICIAL, ( i.e. Major Achievement as a Player, Coach, Official, Board Member )

Since the inception of the Achievement Award the recipients are:

1988Alan Joyce
1989Michael Tuck
1990Michael Tuck
1991Alan Joyce
1992Jason Dunstall
1993Jason Dunstall
1994Jason Dunstall
1996Andy Collins
1997Chris Langford
1999Shane Crawford
2000Paul Salmon
2003Laurie Peters
2006Ken Freiberg, Ken Beck,
2008Lance Franklin
2011Sam Mitchell, Lance Franklin
2012Chance Bateman

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