Like many clubs in the VFL Hawthorn’s past players and officials formed an association as a way of keeping those not directly involved with club administration or playing still supporting club activities. For the Hawthorn Football Club, although an association for past players and officials first originated in the 1940’s, it wasn’t until prior to the 1961 season that a meeting was called for all former players to see if the Past Players and Officials Association (PP&OA) could be re-established. The club was keen to get assistance from former players and officials and involve them in Club activities, particularly with the mentoring of new players and to assist with fund raising at the weekly Pleasant Sunday mornings. The Hawthorn City Council made available a room at the back of the Glenferrie Oval Grandstand for the re-formed Association to meet. At the opening meeting Jack McLeod, who was nominated by the Club, was appointed Chairman and Stuart Hamilton as Secretary-Treasurer with 150 members joining during the season. Among the objectives of the Association were:

  • Have a position at Glenferrie Oval for members to watch the game and to socialise after the game.
  • Provide financial support to the Club and
  • Mirror association’s formed by other VFL clubs and to enable interaction with other clubs.

In the 1961 season the PP&OA made available a weekly incentive award of 2 guineas ($5) for the Best Player of each game and introduced a special trophy of 50 guineas ($110) for the season’s Best Player which Brendan Edwards won. By the late 60’s the PP&OA had introduced milestone awards (50 games, 100 games etc) and were actively involved in fund raising for the improvement in club facilities.

“Spectemur Agendo” – Let us be judged by our acts.

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